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Introductory scene

With all the excitement over this trip, the hectic moving about of the humans, the luggage, not to mention the frantic lost children and the smoke alarm incident (not your fault), you’ve just come to realize you’re finally in a place you can take a moment without chaos to assess where you are. Has it been hours or days of non-stop rush, rush, rush? For now, it does not matter. Except, it may be time to eat. Obviously, your caretaker has forgotten and might need to be reminded here in a moment. Still, you’re in the company of strange and colorful friends. Why not take this opportunity to enjoy the moment?

Just before you speak the beginnings of what was sure to be the greatest conversation you’ve ever had, that’s when you get the feeling you’re being watched.

Looking around, you spot a couple figures across the promenade. They’re short and dressed in plain tux style suits. They’re not exactly watching you, but they are assessing the passengers and crew. They’re pointing and obviously have been discussing something. One of them has some sort of instrument in one paw and using it on the other paw. That’s when you realize that the figures are rather large rats. And one of them is using a pencil. The moment passes quickly, and the two rats dart away behind a post.

The uneasy feeling doesn’t subside as you look up to the 3rd floor, a little to the left, on the floor with the gift shops, between pillars and through the railings you see an awkward, almost non-touching, casual hug along with the passing of a weapon (a crowbar?) from a uniformed human to one glittering pants attired human.

But that’s not the source of that feeling of being watched. Then you notice it. The large eyes slowly passing from floor to floor, caged, but watching you. You can practically feel its hunger reach out and lick you as the large cat, which must at least weigh 500 lbs, is lowered out of sight. The top of the cage reads, “Bella”.

Your caretaker catches your attention at the mention of num-nums.

Main Page

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