Making my way downtown!

You are a pet, a companion, a best friend, a confidant, a loyal guardian, a skilled helper, or maybe even a pampered member of the family. Your master takes you everywhere, because where would your master be without you? A BIG NOWHERE! That’s where. You can’t even count on your toes (if you have toes) how many times you’ve saved your master’s life.

This short adventure is set in an alternate future on board an extremely large cruise ship. There are delights, entertainment, and activities for the whole family. There is also something not quite right with this perfect little world. An out of place smell, some almost shifty people behaving oddly (for people anyway), and you are about to find out.

Your master is on the ship because… stowaway, employee, vacation, business trip, guardian, community service, reluctant 3rd wheel, political, entertainment gig, master plan, pawn game, or more than one of these.

Target Game System: Strands of Fate.

Step Away from the Nums